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Color Blind Adoption: The Elephant in the Room

Mar 17, 2014   //   by NathanLorick   //   Blog  //  No Comments


How do you eat an elephant? They say one you do it one bite at a time. So I am going to attempt to slay the elephant that many are thinking but few will ask…How do you feel about having a child of another race?

I am going eat this elephant in 4 bites.

1) I feel the same way that God must feel about us.

You see we like to picture Jesus as this white American dude who has long wavy hair and a beard like the guys off duck dynasty…ok a little dramatic I guess…seriously though as a child of God we must remember something important.God loves us enough to adopt us in our messed up environment. I used to think of adoption as “rescuing” some poor child from a life that is not as good as ours. However as one studies the scriptures, he/she must see that is not God’s intent at all. God loves us so much where we are that He doesn’t want us to stay there. There are many people who adopt children who are not the”poorest” or “least of these”. They are simply children who need to be loved for who they are. That’s the heart of God in His adopting of us. “For God demonstrates His love for us that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us”.  Therefore God’s example of adoption is not about environment or chances at a better life. It is simply about His love! We are all messed up and in need of help. He loved us enough to adopt us red, yellow, black, or white!

2) I refuse to categorize someone because they are different to me. 

I cannot in good conscious look down upon someone because they are not like me. Whether that be skin color, hair color, personality, nationality, or any other absurd prejudices. I don’t know where we get the belief that we are entitled to hate or dislike someone based upon their genetic differences. How shallow do we have to be as a person to not look past the surface of someone and look into their heart?  I would hate to think that my children are raised in a society that believes that superiority comes from the color of your skin. I refuse to allow Satan to rob me of seeing the good in someone with such pettiness as their color or origin.

3) She is my daughter. 

The truth that lies beneath the color of her skin is that she is a beautiful picture of grace and love. Her smile can light up the room. Her joy in the midst of her circumstances as an orphan is a breath of fresh air. The kind of air that can only be of God. At the end of the day it all boils down to this. She is as much my daughter as my boys are my sons. I will protect her, defend her, fight for her, provide for her, love her, and cherish the moments with her as much as I do any of my children. She is my daughter! No matter if she is black, white, yellow or whether she has 2 arms or 1, or whether she has any kind of special needs. (disclaimer, she is healthy and has all her limbs ) My point is simple. She is my daughter not because of convenience or preference. She is my daughter because of love. If my love for her was based upon her condition, race, or any other reason besides what God has placed in my heart than it would be a distorted view of God’s love for me. She is my daughter….I see no difference.

4)To love her less is Ungodly!

Our society that elevates or denigrates anyone is WRONG. Yes I say this with absolute confidence. If you can’t love someone because of what color their skin is or what side of the tracks that they grew up on…you have not experienced the grace and freeing love of Jesus. I have become convinced that it is impossible to be led by the Holy Spirit and be racist! I know many people will say “that’s just how I was raised”…in that response I would lovingly say to you…You were raised wrong!!!!!!!!!!! You cannot serve a God of love and harbor hate in your heart. Therefore I love her for who she is not where she came from.

Sure there will be hard times. Sure there will be difficult moment of stares and comments. Sure people will show their ignorance at times. However we know that Christ gave His life for us…we can give ours to loving her!

So how do I feel about having a child of another race?

I feel privileged, honored, lucky, blessed, and count it all joy to be given the opportunity to show a child what the love of God looks like. I am thankful that I can exemplify this love because I have experienced it in my life. When I look at her I do so with color blindness. She is beautiful, she is joyful, she is precious. She is my daughter and I will defend her over the elephant in the room anytime. Why? Because Jesus does that for me!


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